Welcome To My Initial Idea Of “Retirement”

I’ve just left Tableau Software after 11 years as head of marketing – meaning CMO. And I’ve just finished my last assignment – writing reviews for my direct reports and meeting with them for the last time.

But I’ve already been working toward what my future routine looks like:

  • Meeting with former colleagues, friends, associates to have coffee, chat, mentor, advise, get advice, share a laugh.
  • Helping local tech companies with a little advising. I’m impressed with the companies I’m talking to. It’s fun to be around companies in their early days. I’ll share more information about these companies in future posts.
  • Learning from great minds about new opportunities and possibilities. I’ve talked with some incredibly smart and wise VCs, executives, recruiters (no, not for full-time CMO gigs – I’m definitely retired) and marketers.
  • Most importantly, being home for my husband and kids. My husband says I’m still not home enough but I’m improving every day.


I’m always announcing my retirement. I’m still not retired. — Dick Van Dyke

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