OMG – It’s Already Been 3 Months!

I can’t believe it myself – I’ve been semi-retired for 3 months already. I have to say I’m loving it so far! Here are the 7 things I’ve learned so far:

  1. While I’m not exactly doing nothing, it is surprising how doing nothing can absorb all your free time.
  2. Staying retired can be a struggle so find ways to stay involved that invoke your passions without becoming a chore. Work is addictive in many good ways.
  3. Being around your family in those everyday moments reveals tiny joys every day – but also reminds you that kids and marriages are worthy work. Highly valuable and high return work but still work.
  4. Meeting with people to talk or share insights about their passions, interests, jobs, careers, companies, startups, etc. is key to renewing your passions and interests. It’s important to get out there and see people frequently. It’s fun (and hopefully useful) to share advice but as importantly, it helps to keep you engaged and learning.
  5. It’s a big, interesting world; there are new people to meet, new ideas to ponder and new paths to take. Sometimes, the day-to-day of a job keeps your focus so narrow and deep you don’t appreciate how much is happening out there and how many new and exciting ideas there are. So get out of the office!
  6. Taking time to give back is a luxury – but a necessary one. I’ve been so lucky that to me, it’s a life requirement that I give back. But it’s a luxury that I have come to truly enjoy.And finally…
  7. It takes effort but it’s so worth it to stay in touch with friends, former colleagues, and contacts. I haven’t been perfect at this but I keep trying. Are you someone that I should be staying in touch with? Let me know at LinkedIn, via my contact form, etc.


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